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The proposal brief was to create a private chapel open to the public, in a contemporary style but in keeping with the mountainous Cyprus churches and the natural beauty of the area. Our clients wished to build a small chapel, dedicated to Panagia Grigoroussa, a church in the centre of Athens with a homonymous icon brought in1945 by Greek refugees from Asia Minor.

The Chapel is being built in the picturesque area of Athasi in Vyzakia, near to the junction of the river Elias. The slightly elevated plot presented the ideal location for the placement of the Chapel and will be easily accessible to the public from the main road.

A glass façade has been incorporated to the west of the chapel to allow visibility of the internal icons when the chapel is closed and to open the views towards the mountains opposite, whilst the roof slopes upwards towards the east to create a feeling of elevated spirituality upon entering the chapel.

Traditional materials and techniques have been selected for the project with a combination of natural stone from the Troodos mountains and Limassol and copper standing seam roof to allow for the chapel to blend with its surroundings.


Location: Vyzakia, Cyprus

Typology: Religious

Area: 20m²

Height: 1 Storey

Project Status: Under Construction


Client: Private Client

Architects: MOIRE

Visuals: AVOCAD Studio

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