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About Us


MOIRE is a creative Architecture and Interior Design studio with offices in Cyprus & Greece.

We have a unique and curated approach to each of our projects, implementing years of architectural knowledge and experience by maximising the potential of each space, whilst responding to the contextual, environmental, and cultural components. Our multi-layered approach aims to create lived-in timeless and elegant projects that constantly push the traditional design boundaries.

We believe in creative collaboration and our multi-disciplinary team has an international reputation for delivering award-winning architecture, interior design, and master planning projects around the world, building a strong reputation across numerous typologies - including hospitality, residential, and commercial projects.


Our people centric approach, combined with our in-depth knowledge and professional experience, has already set us apart in the architecture and design industry.

'Beyond bricks and mortar…'



We have a people centric approach sensitive to location and context when it comes to Architecture, we are inspired by designing places that evoke happy emotions and are great to experience. We work closely with our clients to understand the requirements for each project. We take into consideration sustainability, financial and functionality factors to produce timeless architecture. Whether a new build or redevelopment the architectural form takes its cue from the internal spaces and the surrounding context, followed by the appropriate use of materials and textures.  



Our highly skilled team delivers sophisticated interior design on a superior level, ensuring optimised functionality and the end result is truly exquisite. With great attention to detail and taking into consideration people’s behaviours and their personal aesthetics, we create exceptional internal spaces for our clients. Textured materials and our passion for furniture and contemporary art, all come together to deliver projects that have a high level of detail with an engaging concept.



Our team has been at the forefront of some of the UK’s most prestigious redevelopment projects. This experience allows us to apply broad strategic thinking and market knowledge to maximise potential and create tangible value for our clients. We offer strategic analysis of existing building conditions and professional advice on redevelopment strategies for commercial and hospitality projects.




Even though the traditional drawing techniques still play a big part of our design process, we are continuously investing in the latest technologies for 3D modelling and visualisation. Our team has been using 3D modelling and BIM for more than 14 years and it delivers the best results. We use the principles of this technological approach on all our projects, regardless of their size. As an integral part of our design journey, these tools allow us realise our designs for stage sign offs and marketing purposes as required.



We have the skill and know-how to translate strategic design thinking into beautiful, contextual projects. Inspired by the process of design and craftsmanship, we translate creative concepts through form, materials, and detailing to produce honest, clearly expressed architecture. Our team has designed and delivered a wide range of complex projects and we are innovative in our approach. We harness the potential of modern methods of construction to increase speed and efficiency.

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