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DUO NICOSIA is a pair of residential mini towers in the Ayios Antonios area of Nicosia near the old Venetian Walls and to the East of the city’s commercial centre. The double plot is approximately 1,200m2  in size and is accessible from two main streets.


The concept for the development aims to create a new truly mixed-use development in this up-and-coming part on Nicosia with commercial uses on the lower levels and two mini towers at the top for exclusive residential use. The lower levels create a consistent urban frontage accessible from both sides offering retail and office space. The two mini towers, 11 and 12 floors respectively, bring sustainability and biophilia to the forefront of the development with the integration of trees, shrubs and perennial plants on all balconies of the residential units.


Two roof terraces with pools at the top of each tower provide unique amenities to the residents and unparalleled views of the old city to the north and the new city to the south. At podium level, a large urban private square aims to bring all the residents together and it includes an outdoor cinema and children’s play area.


Location: Nicosia, Cyprus

Typology: Mixed Use

Area: 3,200m²

Height: 11 & 12 Storeys

Project Status: Under Study - Concept Design


Client: Private Client

Architects: MOIRE Architects Cyprus

Visuals: AVOCAD Studio

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