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Dasoupoli Apartments is a cut and carve project in Dasoupoli, a southern suburb of the capital city. Designed in direct contrast to the emerging archetypal architecture of Nicosia: with its developer driven new build apartment blocks, boasting trendy materials and design reproductions. The project retains much of the existing 70s structure of the building and part of the exterior walls, whilst the interior is undergoing extensive demolition and remodelling.

The result is a contemporary apartment building with minimised construction carbon footprint, offering 6 unique apartments in the capital. The exterior materials have been carefully selected to give a modern look to the tired 70s building, whilst retaining the sustainable approach throughout. The slimline glazing systems, in combination with the wooden cladding and the accentuated core façade, which is planted on each floor, create a unique architectural composition with striking curb appeal.

Internally, each apartment is uniquely designed to offer different layouts ranging from 3-4 bedrooms, and 110m² - 140m² of internal space. The ground floor apartments have exclusive access to private gardens, whilst the two penthouses have internal private access to a roof terrace. The interiors boast high quality materials and internal finishes and include locally crafted kitchens and wardrobes, the 800m² redevelopment aims to create a new standard for the city apartment buildings.


Location: Nicosia, Cyprus

Typology: Residential

Area: 800m²

Height: 4 Storeys

Project Status: Under Construction (Summer 2024)


Client: ABC RE P4

Architects: MOIRE

Structural Engineers: ANKON 

Mechanical Engineers: RETECH Consulting Engineers

Electrical Engineers: Charalambides Consulting Engineers

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